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As an HR professional working for the federal government, you have your hands full. The Office of Personnel Management requires all Federal agencies to accept “the primary responsibility for the delivery of retirement financial education to their employees and for supporting financial literacy”. Each agency must develop a retirement financial education plan that targets employees at a minimum of three career points: new employee, mid-career and pre-retirement”. (5 U.S.C.8350).

Early, Mid and Pre-Retirement Planning has been mandated by the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

When was the last time your group had the opportunity to receive any of this mandated education offered for your employees by your agency? Our goal is to assist you in being able to easily provide your employees with the most up-to-date changes in their benefits. Let’s discuss some of the many solutions our firm can offer to assist you in providing the educational updates as well as personalized Benefits Analysis Reports which illustrate what each employee’s current strategy looks like in retirement.

Count On Federal Retirement Services PLLC

We provide onsite (and virtual) training classes for all federal agencies across the country to assist human resources teams in training federal employees. We have found that many federal employees do not have a clear understanding of their federal benefits, and may need to make different selections. The shortcoming in knowledge begins with new employees while onboarding. Human resource departments are short-staffed, under-funded or simply non-existent in some cases. We can help.

Let us help you fill the gaps in coaching employees on how to properly fill out their benefits forms and understand what they are choosing. We know how valuable time is for everyone, so we offer a 90-minute educational workshop, with one-on-one appointments available for each employee attending the workshop at a later time. This appointment will cover the retirement systems (CSRS/FERS), TSP, Disability, FEGLI and Social Security at a time that is best for each employee.

    What We Provide

  • A 90-minute interactive workshop that goes over federal employee benefits and TSP Modernization Act updates
  • A one-on-one individual benefits review for each employee with personalized workbook
  • A personalized in-depth analysis of each employee’s current retirement path

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