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We differentiate ourselves by the services we offer, including in-depth knowledge, training and experience.

Once you decide to retire and leave federal employment, you have options. Federal Retirement Services PLLC, is designed to help federal employees as their ongoing financial advisory firm throughout their retirement.

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Our Core Beliefs About Retirement And Risk


Don't Lose Money


Cash Flow is Vital


Never Interrupt Compounding


Taxes Matter


Your Money Shield

Our Expertise

We develop custom financial and retirement plans specifically geared to optimize your federal benefits and help ensure they are in alignment with your personal financial goals for your best outcome.

TSP Education

Benefit Analysis

Tax-Free Income

FEGLI vs. Private Insurance

Social Security Timing

Lifetime Income Planning

Legacy Planning Strategies

Long-Term Care Preparation & Insurance

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How We Can Help?

Our process starts with a benefits consultation that helps us to break down your unique situation and goals. Once we know your goals, we can use our tools, resources and experience to design a plan to give you income for life. We also specialize in education. Federal employees have exclusive benefits, like the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) and a pension plan. Unfortunately, far too often, clients walk into our offices without any idea where they stand with their retirement accounts. This happens despite the obligations of the largest employer in the world, the United States government, to provide sufficient financial information.

Benefits Admin Letter 07-102 Date: April 23rd, 2007
Benefits Administration Letter 11-104 (5 U.S.C. 8350) Date: March 25th, 2011 At Federal Retirement Services, we fight against the lack of education and create a custom plan that suits your needs.

Our Founder’s Philosophy

People say that money isn’t everything. I agree. It may not be everything, but it’s right up there with air. Money solves a lot of problems, and there are plenty of problems out there. I’m willing to bet that 90% of the challenges people face today can be taken care of by writing a check. I’m not being flippant; I’m just making a point.ion.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it does determine where you live, what you drive, where your kids go to school and the lifestyle you enjoy. So having money is important, especially in today’s unsettling world. You worked hard to make it and you need to protect it and control it because your family’s future is at stake.

My beliefs were forged out my own experience as a family man and business owner. I know what it takes to make a living today, and I had to learn the hard way about how to make that money last. Before you can have a conversation about your financial future with any financial advisor, I think it’s important that you understand the bedrock of our financial principles. Basically, we are risk-averse. My concerns about risk are well founded; just pick up a newspaper and scan the headlines.

Founder of Our Sister Companies, Dave Baker

Dave Baker, founder of Nautica Asset Management and our sister company, Government Employee Wealth Advisors and Triumph Debt Relief LLC. has written three books designed to help people both choose their benefits, and plan for their retirement. Dave explains the need for lasting retirement income and how to plan ahead to minimize income taxes.

Check out the websites From Our Sister Companies

Helping people improve their financial future in a permanent and positive way

Books From Founder, Dave Baker

Get All Three Of Dave Baker's Books

Bursting cover-to-cover with tips, tricks and strategies to enhance your financial outlook.

We’re Authorized as a Federal Contractor to Help You.

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Many of Our Clients Have Something in Common

No One Feels They Have Enough

While financially comfortable, our clients rarely feel as if they have enough and are usually hesitant to retire even when the data suggests they may do so at any time. At least one worries about the possibility of outliving their money. Politically conservative, they feel they pay far more than their fair share of income tax and worry about the impact taxes will have on their retirement savings. Our clients enjoy travel and often aspire to have a second home. At 3 am, they ask themselves:

  • Will I ever have enough money to retire?
  • Will I end up having to return to work?
  • What if my children need financial support when I’m retired?
  • If tax rates go up in retirement, how will that affect me?

Often one member of the couple feels he/she could manage their investments but has little confidence the other could. They both crave simplicity with their money. More than anything, they want to be told that they’ll be okay. They want to work with someone who is accessible and reasonably priced. Our clients possess likable personalities and an optimistic attitude about the future. They feel grateful for their lives and family, but want acknowledgement for their hard work and contribution to society. Our clients are trainable. While they don’t possess many hardcore attitudes toward investment strategy, they have reasonable expectations when it comes to returns and the role we play in helping them to achieve their goals. Trust comes naturally to them.

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