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About Us

Federal Retirement Services PLLC

Federal employees need guidance from someone who has their best interest in mind, and it’s our mission to provide just that. Our company was formed in 2020 with a full team of experienced financial advisors led by our founder, Dave Baker. Everyone on our team has a focus on training federal employees about their benefits as well as creating customized plans for them. Throughout your government career and up to retirement, we help you make selections that are in alignment with your long-term financial and retirement goals.

How We Can Help

Our process starts with a free benefits consultation that helps us to break down your unique situation and goals. Once we know your goals, we can use our tools, resources and experience to design a plan to give you income for life. We also specialize in education. Federal employees have exclusive benefits, like the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) and a pension plan. Unfortunately, far too often, clients walk into our offices without any idea where they stand with their retirement accounts. This happens despite the obligations of the largest employer in the world, the United States government, to provide sufficient financial information. At Federal Employee Benefits Education Services, we fight against the lack of education and create a custom plan that suits your needs.

Our Services

Once you decide to retire and leave federal employment, you have options. Our sister company, Nautica Asset Management LLC, is designed to help federal employees as their ongoing financial advisory firm throughout their retirement. With a focus on generating reliable monthly retirement income, Nautica helps pre-retirees get retired and retirees stay retired. Located in Canton, Michigan, Nautica Asset Management works with retirees all over the United States; clients include both former federal employees as well as those from the private sector.

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